Service offer of Intana Bioscience  

Intana Bioscience offers interaction analysis of biomolecular interaction based on a single molecule sensitive spectroscopic approach called fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (FCCS).

Advantages of FCCS

FCCS has many advantages, e.g.:
  • It allows measurements in physiological environments (e.g. cell lysates, serum, intra-ocular fluids), circumventing purification steps
  • It offers a comprehensive readout (KD, kon/off, diffusion coefficients, non-specific binding, aggregation, etc.)
  • It is a generic technology (applicable to proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA, small molecules, etc.)
  • It enables label-free determination of affinities and kinetics
  • Its dynamic range is suitable for most physiologically-relevant interactions (pico- to micromolar range)
  •  It requires very little amounts (ng quantities)

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